Q: How and when do I pay?
A: Please pay for your equipment the first day on the beach. We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, and cash as forms of payment.
Q: How do I know where my chairs and umbrellas will be on the beach?
A: We will use the address you provided in your order and set up your chairs and umbrellas at the closest boardwalk to your address. If you are staying at a house with a private boardwalk, then your rentals will be at the private boardwalk.
Q: How do I make special requests?
A: Speak to our Island Beach Services employee on the beach. We will try to accommodate everyone’s needs.
Q: Can I move my umbrella?
A: No. Please do not attempt to move or tilt the umbrella a different direction. They are tilted into the wind and only Beach Service Staff may move your umbrella.
Q: Can I move my chairs?
A: Yes. You may move your chairs closer to the water, but please do not take the chairs into the water or allow the water to run under the chairs.